Orry Shenjobi was one of the artists that took part in this project by providing beautiful illustrations the participants of the workshops could connect and relate with.

The award-winning project is called ‘Your Beautiful Brain’ and is a partnership between DPUK, a dementia research programme based at Oxford University, and Feyi Raimi-Abraham, founder and CEO of the Black Dementia Company. The goal is to pilot the use of art as a vehicle to engage people from Black African and Caribbean backgrounds with dementia research and to increase understanding of brain health.

Recent research has found that people from a white ethnic background are more likely to get involved in dementia research than people of other ethnicities. This results in research outputs that may not be representative of the wider population, so cannot directly be applied to people of different ethnicities.

Date: 21.02.22 – 30.10.22



Inspires many through her artistic rendition of real-life human stories

One of Nigeria’s inspirational storytelling artist, Orry Shenjobi is set to debut her solo art exhibition ‘The Beauty Within the Struggle’. The event which promises to be experiential will take place from the 18th to 24th of December 2020 at Angels and Muse Art Gallery Lagos.

Date: 18.12.20 – 24.12.20

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