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This series was inspired by the ‘Antelope Canyon’, formed by the erosion of Navajo Sandstone due to flash flooding, thereby altering its natural formation. Although erosion is often viewed as a destructive process, I wanted to highlight the overlooked magical wonder of the transformative process. Within the Canyon’s natural formation, I found beauty.

Intrigued by the Canyon, I began studying its images, examining its historical structural shifts, varied shapes & patterns, and distinctive colours. As I examined images depicting smaller caves within the canyon, I noticed indescribable emotional responses that varied from image to image. Consequently, I decided to record them, and these stimulated feelings led to me exploring the psychological effects colour has on us as individuals. In doing so, I hoped to highlight the importance of colour in the process of creating art and how this response varies from person to person.

The series was developed from my personal experience during the COVID-19 Pandemic. I experimented with a range of digital techniques to influence the viewer’s moods, hoping to stimulate robust emotional responses from my audience who had otherwise been isolated and emotionally disconnected due to the pandemic.

In this project, I present the idea that colours and moods are inextricably linked. Whilst exploring the psychology of colour in this series, it is also important to remember that reactions to colour are subjective. Pay attention to how each colour hue makes you feel.

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