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Orry Shenjobi of ‘Studioorry’ is a Nigerian multi-disciplinary artist who holds a BSc in Product Design from the University of Leeds. Shenjobi took an interest in art starting at GCSE’s and proceeded to study it at an advanced level for Pre-U. Having been born in London and raised in Lagos, both cities’ influences are apparent in her exploration of the melange of cultures in heterogeneous populations through her unique Nigerian lens.

Shenjobi’s mixed media paintings are primarily focused on highlighting social issues, whether local or global, by bringing together distinct, personal narratives; from everyday life, to activities of friends and strangers, she captures these moments in order to create a chorus of diverse individuals to be seen and heard.

Shenjobi’s process of working directly on photographs makes her paintings feel as close to the realms of reality as possible, creating unique characters whilst still allowing viewers to be immersed in the captured scenes. She conveys a sense of vibrancy and photorealism through her distinct layering and texturing of surfaces, which aid in emphasising human complexity and vulnerability.

As an advocate of female representation in and exposure to art, Shenjobi is a co-founder of ‘Women in Art’, a digital platform focused on featuring the works of women passionate about their art..

Ultimately, Shenjobi plans to expand her practice by combining techniques and themes with ideas and inspirations from other industries.

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