Orry Shenjobi, Creative Director of Studio ORRY, is a multi-disciplinary artist breaking conventional artistic boundaries. With degrees in Product Design and Social Innovation, she blends creativity with social consciousness. Raised in London and Lagos, her art reflects the fusion of these dynamic cities, influencing her versatile repertoire from paintings to tapestries.

Shenjobi's work delves into individualistic identity and community dynamics, capturing everyday life within diverse communities. Her art, infused with photorealism, merges photography seamlessly to create distinctive characters and scenes, radiating vibrancy and depth.

As a fervent advocate for female representation in the art world. Her commitment to championing the equitable recognition of female artists underscores her role as a progressive force in the field.

Ultimately, Shenjobi's art possesses the transformative power to inspire change. She dedicates herself to leveraging her creativity and unwavering passion for art to merge techniques and themes with ideas and inspirations from diverse disciplines. In doing so, she continues to carve a unique space in the art world, where the convergence of art, identity, and social consciousness opens doors to uncharted possibilities.